Punisher sessions A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. This common little platitude is often applied to machinery, corporations, and even the exercises you do in the gym. After all, you are only as strong as your core – or whatever muscle is this season’s pre-hab favorite.  But what if YOU are the weakest link? What if you are the thing that breaks when the going gets tough? Chances are it’s not your body that lets you down, but your mind.  In many military situations, the difference between success and failure is your mindset, your ability to...



Night-time Routines for Winners Prior planning prevents poor performance, or so the saying goes. Another popular expression is fail to plan, plan to fail. There is a reason these sayings are so popular – they’re true! If you want tomorrow to go as well as possible, you need to start preparing the night before. Get into the habit of following the same routine each night, and you will soon find that good days are not a rarity but become your new norm.    Make your breakfast  This might seem like an odd way to end your day, but it ensures tomorrow...



Most branches of the armed services have to demonstrate confidence in the water. From amphibious operations to self-preservation and lifesaving, you never know when you will be required to enter a body of water and swim.  Some people are naturally confident in water. They are often strong swimmers, but swimming ability and water confidence are not always related. It’s one thing to be confident and strong in a pool, but what about in the middle of the open sea?  Here are four ways to get more confident in the water. #1 Breathe, breathe, BREATHE! One of the first things that...