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READY to tune up your nutrition, but don't know where to start?

This 4-week program has all of the information and tools you need to get on top of your nutrition, kick those bad habits and shred that extra bulk!. It's simple to follow and fit into your lifestyle so you really can stick with it and see the results.

When your fueling your body correctly you give it the chance to perform at its full potential.

With carb cycling, we are alternating high carb and low carb intake days so you gain all the fat loss benefits of a low-carb diet, without hindering your performance or muscle mass. 

This style of eating has numerous other benefits including;

  • It's easier to fit into your normal social life as you can alter your days to suit events.
  • Helps you break through plateaus in your progress.
  • Gives you more energy as you aren’t completely removing carbs from your lifestyle.
  • Helps maintain physical performance and progress as you shed fat.
  • Easier to stick to as you don’t feel like you are missing out.
  • Optimizes gut health for better overall wellbeing.

It's time to hit the gym and the kitchen hard for this plan, lets see what you can do to your physical performance with 1 month of dedication!

TIP: We recommend doing this in conjunction with our Built Different Program.


  • 4-week Nutrition Program Download
  • An easy-to-follow carb cycling nutrition plan customizable to your goals
  • Shopping list to make prep easier
  • Easy-to-use macro calculator
  • Meal plans and options to suit your lifestyle
  • Simple meal ideas with foods that suit you
  • BONUS: HIIT workouts to boost your metabolism and increase fat loss


You are not alone on this journey, at HTK we have a tribe of brothers all on the same journey. 

  • Private FB group to connect with the rest of the tribe.
  • Customer only email address to answer any questions you have throughout.
  • 24/7 support from me and the rest of the team.

Customer Reviews

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Best straight forward program ever. Thank you. GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!

Idania Estrada

Always love a challenge that intensifies my goals.