9 Tips to stay fit while on the go these holidays

9 Tips to stay fit while on the go these holidays

Embarking on your holidays doesn't mean leaving your fitness regimen behind. In fact, it's an opportunity to explore new ways to maintain your gains and stay true to our Hard to Kill Fitness principles. Here's your ultimate guide to staying fit, fueling right, and enjoying your journey without derailing your fitness goals.

1. Grocery stores are a secret weapon

Forget dining out for every meal. Supermarkets are treasure troves of nutritious, ready-to-eat options. Stock up on ready-made salads, smoked salmon, tuna, and rotisserie chickens for protein-packed meals. Grab fruits for a healthy snack on the go. These options are simple, wholesome, and hassle-free – perfect for maintaining your nutrition game while traveling.

2. Water over everything!

Water isn’t just a drink; it's your best ally in staying fit and healthy. Staying hydrated keeps you feeling energized and helps in regulating your appetite. Often, our bodies confuse thirst with hunger, so keeping a bottle of water handy can be a real game-changer in managing calorie intake and feeling great.

3. Enjoy local food with a plan

Sampling local food is part of the holiday experience, but it doesn't have to be a fitness setback. Do a bit of homework: check menus in advance and look for meals that align with your fitness goals. Remember, indulging in moderation is key.

4. Ditch the transport and walk

There's no better way to explore a new place than on foot. Walking around cities or towns not only immerses you in the culture but also helps you burn more calories than you might think. Often, you’ll end up torching more calories wandering through streets and sights than in your regular cardio workouts. The goal should be to hit 10k steps each day.

5. Utilize the Hard to Kill Fitness app

Our Hard to Kill Fitness app is your best friend during the holidays or when you’re on the road. It’s built to keep you in check, especially when a full gym isn't available. Instantly switch up your program to a home / bodyweight option and maintain your training momentum. It’s about staying flexible without losing sight of your fitness goals. Check it out here

6. Prioritize sleep

Simple but true. Quality sleep = a leaner, sharper you! Don’t underestimate the power of sleep. Quality rest is essential for recovery, maintaining energy levels, and keeping those food cravings in check. Skimp on sleep, and you risk hindering your recovery and muscle growth.

7. Snack smart

Snacking smart is an art, especially when traveling. Pack fruits, jerky, dates & nuts (walnuts, almonds). And yeah, a bit of dark chocolate won't hurt. Smart snacking can keep hunger at bay and prevent overindulgence in less healthy options.

8. Check out local gyms and parks

Switching up your scenery can be a great way to level up your training. Search out local outdoor parks & any gyms that may be something different than what you have in your area. This is a great way to keep your routine fresh and exciting.

9. Don’t beat yourself up

Some days will be tougher than others, that's life!! Keep a flexible approach to your diet, thinking weekly rather than daily. If you have a particularly bad day of eating, try and make up for it the next day by eating a little less or fasting until midday. This mindset allows for life's unpredictability and keeps one bad day from snowballing. Remember, body changes are a marathon, not a sprint; they happen over weeks and months, not overnight.


Staying fit during the holidays is about more than keeping up with workouts and watching what you eat. It's about learning to be adaptable, taking time to enjoy new experiences, and staying connected with a community that shares your dedication to fitness. With these tips, you can enjoy your holidays without compromising on your fitness goals. At Hard to Kill Fitness, we believe that with the right mindset, tools, and community, staying fit on the go is a skill anyone can harness.