THE 4 MOST IMPORTANT EXERCISES EVERYONE SHOULD BE DOING While any kind of training is better than no training, you’ll get better results from your time if you build your workouts around good quality exercises. In most cases, these are functional, compound exercises. This means they involve lots of muscle groups working together and closely replicate the activities for which you are training.  For example, there is no point doing set after set of hip abductions when you want to improve your strength for running and jumping. And yet, a lot of exercisers are guilty of doing precisely that! Get...



5 TIPS TO INCREASE YOUR PULL-UPS   If you want to beef up your biceps and back, pull-ups are hard to beat. However, for a lot of people, they are also the exercise most likely to produce a training plateau. You hit a certain number of reps and then – boom – you can’t increase your numbers. Frustrating! If you are stuck in a pull-up performance rut, use these strategies to get things moving again.    It’s about to get heavy – weighted pull-ups    As with all bodyweight exercises, the most convenient way to make progress with pull-ups is to...