Workout for Monday, July 13th

For today’s session the focus is on running conditioning and core strength. You will need an area you can jog and sprint on, ideally a flat surface such as a running track or sports field. The treadmill can be used as an alternative but isn’t our first choice.

Begin with the warm-up and take it easy on the broad jumps, this isn’t a max effort here. Rest 2 minutes before beginning the first phase of the workout.

Once you have completed the 1st phase, rest 2 minutes before beginning the 2nd phase. This 2nd phase is all about control, you will start in plank position arms straight. It's harder than it looks so make sure you breathe and really focus on control. 


50sec Slow Jog
10sec “semi-fast” Run
20 Jumping Jacks
3x Broad Jumps

Phase one (cardio): EMOM 10-20 Minute

Every minute on the minute jog slowly for 40 seconds 
Sprint full out for 20 seconds

Note: Depending on your current conditioning level, pick a time frame lasting between 10 to 20 minutes. This type of running is also referred to as “fartlek running”.

Phase two (plank torture): 2 Rounds

10 sec Lower down to the ground from the top of plank position (arms straight)
10 sec Hover with your face/chest 1-2 inches above the ground
10 sec Raise back to the top of the plank position (arms straight)
10 sec Plank hold
10 sec Plank with left leg lifted
10 sec Plank with right leg lifted

Rest 1 minute between rounds