Workout for Wednesday 8th July 

For today’s session, the focus is on total body conditioning. You will need nothing but yourself and access to a pull-up bar. Begin with the warm-up and take it easy here focusing on good form for the reps and getting the blood flowing. Rest 2 minutes before beginning the first phase of the workout.

Once you have completed the first phase, rest 2minutes before beginning the second phase of the workout, the burpee pull-ups.

2X Pull-ups
5x Push-ups
7x Air Squats
30sec Slow Jog

PHASE ONE: 5 Rounds
10X Air squats
10X Walking Lunges, Total
10X Jump Squats
10X Hand release pushups

No planned rest between rounds

PHASE TWO: EMOM 6 minutes
**6X Burpee Pull-Ups - performed every minute on the minute

Rest the remainder of that minute

**Burpee Pullup - Dropdown and perform a burpee then jump straight up to the pull-up bar and do a pull-up. Repeat.