Workout for Monday, June 1st:

For this session, we are hitting an exercise called Turkish getups. Turkish getups are one of those few exercises that really do target almost every major muscle group. Because you are transitioning between lying, kneeling, and standing there is a strong focus on core and your stabilizing muscles that are important areas and directly translate to your field performance.

Correct form for this exercise is also really important so if you aren't used to the exercise, make sure that you try it a few times without weight to get the hang of it. Perform the exercises below one after the other until the 8-minute time block is up. You will need a timer and a kettlebell weighing 35-53lbs to get this done.

WORKOUT: 8MINUTE AMRAP (as many rounds as possible)
2 x Turkish getups, left arm **
2 x Turkish getups, right arm
10 x Kettlebell swings


**Turkish Getup: To begin, lie on your back on the floor and hold a kettlebell in one hand with your arm fully extended above your chest. Bend the knee of the same side to a 90-degree angle. Keep your opposite leg out straight 5-10 degrees away from the midline of your body, and your opposite arm out straight at a 45degree angle. 

Start the exercise by lifting the Kettlebell to the sky, and crunching onto your opposite elbow, while you keep the elbow of the arm holding the dumbbell locked out. Hike your hips in the air and sweep the straight leg underneath your body, stepping back and settling onto your knee. Shift the weight away from your hand and onto your other knee and front foot as you bring your torso upright. Push to a standing position, keeping the dumbbell lifted the entire time. Lower slowly back to the ground to start again.