Tactical Monster transformation

Increases of
 1.5" Arms: 2" Waist: -1.6" Thigh: .5"
Bench: 30lbs Squat: 20lbs Deadlift: 70lbs

"When i signed up for this challenge it was about having someing to hold me accountable. I have been lifting for over 9years, the majority of that time was spent doing the same routine. This challenge has given me the change I have needed, I have never had such a huge physical and mental change in my body in such a short period of time. I just want to thank you for everything you do and I look forward to killing some more of your programs in the future. I would be lying if I said I enjoyed every workout because some were just brutal!"

- Daniel M

Tactical Monster review

Increases of 
Squat: 30lbs Bench: 30lbs Deadlift: 30lbs

"I just wanted to say thanks for the invite to this challenge! This was definitely the kick in the ass I needed to get back to working towards my fitness goals. I added at least 30lbs to all my lifts, and that was on final sets of 5 for all lifts." 
"All in all, this was a great program, and a great experience participating in this challenge! Hope to see more challenges like this in the future, I would gladly participate. Keep up the hard work and providing us with quality products like this!"

- Conner V


If anyone is thinking of doing HTK's Bodyweight Program, I did Lockdown Protocol, and just started Tactical Bodyweight. I followed it pretty religilously and if I missed a workout I paid for it the next day. I would run on the active rest days and logged 36 miles total over the 6 weeks. I cut out all soft drinks and only drunk water and coffee, while also supplementing with protein shakes. I kept up my porgress from day 1 till the end.

1st Day- 160lbs
Last Day- 168lbs

1st Day max reps push-ups- 30
Last day max reps push-ups- 73

Longest run starting- 0.9miles
Longest run ending- 4.8miles

Would highly reccommend the program, I'm kicking it up a notch with TB and my running and will update again at the end.

--Gerald J



"Previously I’ve been working out for the past 2 years and tried various plans but no other plan has ever compared to the intensity and satisfaction of the Tactical Monster."

Tactical Monster

Zachary W

Excellent program

"Finished selection about a month again and needed a program to get me back into strength training. Tactical Monster is kicking my butt and provided the challenge I was looking for."

Tactical Monster

Reed B


"The science behind this program is insane. And when your done with the program, you can redo it, or take all different workouts from it and get creative and figure out your own way to push you limits. Much respect to HTK you guys rock."

Erik R

Busting through some plateaus!

"Love the incentive your program offers as far as switching things up and pushing myself out of a lot of plateaus! Coming from an ex D2 wrestler and current LEO."

William H

Tactical Monster Delivers

"I began Tactical Monster in October 2018 and cannot day enough things about this program. During the summer, I was sidelined by shoulder surgery & sinus surgery, so my fitness fell off the map. I completed the program last week & I’m almost back to where I was before I injured my shoulder. I love the mixture of the programming and the high intensity conditioning workouts will push you to your limit. As a 45-year-old former career firefighter, this is the best program for first responders as it is as well-rounded as they get. I’ll test my maxes in the squat, bench, & deadlift this week. I may not be where I was but with this program, I’ll be close."

Tactical Monster

Jason B

Big hitters work

"From week 1 to week 4 I saw some awesome strength increases from my already big numbers. Went from being able to only get 2 weighted pull-ups at 90lbs to doing 6 at 110. Pressing power went through the roof as well! Great program for newbies to weightlifting and a solid add in for already heavy hitters."

Seth P

This is no BS

"A great training plan, go straight to gym and start hit it, instead of thinking what should I do.

I am going to join the military and then join the Naval Special Warfare Unit (Navy SEAL), so I'm want to start prepare now and then."

Before I didn't know how to start, now I'm starting with no time wasted.


Challenging and well laid out.

"Supplementing my normal routine with this plan to boost my PT scores before SFAS, I've improved in all categories and feel great!"

Samuel P

"Absolutely the best and well programmed workout plan I every used in my 13 years of training and conditioning. Fat melts away very quickly, pull ups tripled in very short time (I struggled with that for a long time) and conditioning went through the roof. Looking forward to finishing Tactical Bodyweight, going for Lean Machine after and will explore everything HTK has to offer. I highly recommend the program as it is well thought out, intelligently programmed and the tests in between keep you in check, curious if you can pull it off and motivated."

Tactical Bodyweight

Alexander Socha