Workout for Monday May 25th:

For this workout, we are adding some extra weight. All you will need to get through this is a kettlebell weighing 35-53lbs. Perform your 30s farmers carry and when complete, immediately lift the kettlebell up to your chest to pump out your 3 overhead presses before repeating on the other side.

Go through the circuit with no rest in between until you have completed all  5 rounds. If you don't have a kettlebell, you can also substitute it out for a dumbbell of similar weight. 

WORKOUT: 5 Rounds
30s x Single-arm farmers carry, left arm
3 x Overhead presses, left arm
30s x Single arm farmers carry, right arm
3 x Overhead presses, right arm
10 x Jump squats (no kettlebell)

No rest between rounds