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Do you want to be ripped & ready for anything? Then welcome to our all new 8-week program.

SHRED is a complete blueprint for building a lean & muscular body while shredding fat fast. With the right mix of high intensity cardio circuits, volume strength training and steady state conditioning you can get the training that maximizes results.

Not only will you look the part with a well-balanced physique, you will have the strength & endurance to show for it.

This is TWO Programs in one - you get access to both the home & gym SHRED programs with the one purchase so you can train anywhere, anytime & aren't limited by equipment.

If you want to;
  • Shred Body Fat Effortlessly
  • Reveal Incredible Muscle definition
  • Increase Strength and Endurance
  • Take the guesswork out of your training & nutrition
Then this program is right for you.



The program combines 5x lifting or calisthenics sessions each week along with 3x cardio sessions. Each strength workout is designed to take around 60 minutes with cardio sessions taking between 20-30 minutes.

Strength workouts: Targets different muscle groups, ensuring each is getting the attention it deserves. Each workout includes a mix of compound and isolation exercises to help you build strength, increase endurance and maintain muscle mass.

Cardio sessions: are a crucial part of the program, as they help you burn more calories and increase your work capacity so you can work harder during lifting workouts.

Progressive overload is introduced through increased volume while lowering rest time as you move through the course along with gradually increasing your resistance / weights weekly.

    • 5x Weightlifting/ calisthenics sessions (30-60 mins) 
    • 2x 4 week training phases
    • Short HIIT cardio sessions that rapidly accelerate fat loss
    • Longer LISS sessions to mobilize fat, improve your endurance & recovery ability.
    • Workout variety, conditioning options, and progressions so your workouts don't become repetitive.
    • Immediate program access

    ++ PLUS

    • Our updated Nutrition and supplement guide.
    • Members area access
    • HTK 8 Testing & HTK Mob mobility warmup



    Adjustable bench, Squat rack, Barbell, Weight plates, Dumbbells, Pull-up / Dip station, Pull-down machine, Leg curl machine, Leg extension machine, Hack squat, Cable machines (seated & standing), Resistance bands.


    Pull-up bar, bands, bench or plyo box, jump rope.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    Zach Andrews
    Favorite program so far!

    I’ve snagged almost every HTK program and SHRED has been my favorite. It’s a great mix of strength building with HIIT conditioning. I’ve seen the most benefit and results with this one! I’m looking forward to making a few tweaks to add more cardio, but planning on making this one of the standard programs for myself! ⚔️


    Two weeks in and loving the program organized really well and good work-outs definitely recommend .hard to kill never disappoints.

    C. Sanders
    Awesome program

    Just finishing up week 3 of SHRED. I love HTK workouts. Each one is a different challenge and SHRED has met and exceeded my expectations. Thank you for another great workout routine!

    Laury Erwan


    Zak Ravella

    I thought it was going to be like lean machine that fits my schedule better would like to see another lean machine program thanks