If you purchase any of the 12-week or 8-week programs, it will include a detailed training plan and a nutrition/supplement guide. Our push-up pull-up plan purely includes the workout guide.

Other than the bodyweight and Push-up / Pull-up plans, the equipment you require will all be found in a standard gym. Although you do need some machines, we have stuck to the basics as much as possible.

No. We utilize mainly powerlifting and bodybuilding movements in the gym. Outside the gym, we focus on a wide variety of conditioning but there is always an option that will be accessible to you.

We are here for anyone who wishes to push themselves and fulfill their potential. The training is simple in theory and brutal in execution, but if you’re willing to work then we are for you.


Exercises are movements with additional resistance. If you can find another exercise that matches the movement patterns, that will work fine. Otherwise contact us at support@hardtokillfitness.co and we will work with you to find alternative exercises.

Specific exercises may not suit all individuals if an injury is present. Please consult a health professional for guidance if you are not sure. Hard to kill fitness does not provide medical advice.


No. All eBooks are digital downloads. You will be able to download immediately after purchase and a link will also be sent to your email. Please check your spam folder if you can’t find it!

If you do not receive a download link after your purchase, contact support@hardtokillfitness.co and we will provide the program as long as the payment has processed.

The cost listed for the program is a one-time payment.

If you aren’t satisfied with your training for any reason, then please email us at support@hardtokillfitness.co with your issue and we can help you out. We do offer a refund if the issue can’t be resolved, but only if you contact us within 7 days of your purchase.