By signing up to the App, you will receive a personalized training and nutrition system that you can access through the members app. The eBooks are a digital Pdf download and are not personalized, and cannot be accessed via the app.

I Purchased my ebook, why can I not sign into the app?

You can only access the app when you sign up for the customised training and nutrition subscription. You can sign up for subscription here.

What type of equipment do I need for your training?

Other than the bodyweight and Push-up / Pull-up plans, the equipment you require will all be found in a standard gym. Although you do need some machines, we have stuck to the basics as much as possible.

Is this crossfit style training?

No. We utilize mainly powerlifting and bodybuilding movements in the gym. Outside the gym, we focus on a wide variety of conditioning but there is always an option that will be accessible to you.


Will I receive a physical copy of my plan in the mail?

No. All eBooks are digital downloads. You will be able to download immediately after purchase and a link will also be sent to your email. Please check your spam folder if you can’t find it!

What happens if I lose my ebook downloads?

If you lose your eBook download, please first search in your inbox for your download link. If this is not available, then reach out to us at support@hardtokillfitness.co and we will provide you with a new copy.


What happens after I purchase?

After you purchase subscription to our customized plan you will be taken straight to another page where there is a small questionnaire that needs to be filled out before we can create your program. This info is important as it will help us create your personalized program. Information you provide will include your statistics, daily activity levels, food preferences and goals.

Once you have submitted your questionnaire please allow up to 24hrs for us to prepare your program and for it to be available in the app. All information is private and will NOT be shown to anyone else.

Subscription Info

The HTK Performance Program is a subscription payment billed either monthly, quarterly or yearly depending on your choice, until you cancel. This subscription can be cancelled at any time by emailing the support team at,


Here at HTK we offer a 100% money back guarantee within the first 14 days of payment for your initial purchase of the program. This does not apply to subsequent renewal / extension of your program.

How do I cancel my subscription?

You may cancel at any time by sending an email through our contact form or directly emailing -support@hardtokillfitness.co


Can my meal plan be personalized to my likes/ dislikes?

All meal plans are personalized to the individual. This will take into account individual statistics, daily activity levels, food preferences, lifestyle and goals. A complete macronutrient and caloric breakdown is also included with all personalized meal plans.

You can personally choose which foods you would not like to include to make the diet as enjoyable as possible.

Do I have to eat the exact same meals every day?

No. The meal plan will provide you with 7 different days, which all come down to the same macronutrients/calories, so you can decide what you would like to eat. If you prefer it, you can eat the same thing every day, but you don’t have to, since you will have 7 options.

Will I need to take supplements?

With regards to supplements, we like to leave them as optional extras. Supplements do work and can provide that edge needed for results, but they are not mandatory for results, as a personalised meal plan and structured workout program are the most important things.

To leave it open for the client’s own personal views, HTK does not include supplements in the personalised meal plans. The exception being whey protein as we do see this as a staple item to any diet. As a note whey protein can be removed for selection just like every other food item. So, although recommended as a staple item, it is still optional.


What if I have an injury?

Specific exercises may not suit all individuals if an injury is present. Please consult a health professional for guidance if you are not sure. Hard to kill fitness does not provide medical advice.