Thanksgiving Core & Cardio Workout!

Thanksgiving Core & Cardio Workout!

Earn your thanksgiving dinner this year by crushing this workout beforehand.



3 Rounds

1 mile run

20x Reverse crunches

30x Regular crunches

40x Russian twists (20 each side)

50x 2-Count Mountain Climbers



1) Start slow and take it easy for your first mile which will get the blood flowing and warm you up for the rest of the session.

2) Once you hit the core work, move fast while keeping good form and take a quick breather whenever necessary.

3) As soon as you've completed all the core work finishing with Mountain Climbers, start right back at the start again with a 1-mile run.

If you're pressed for time or just want to scale it down to make it easier, drop the run to a 1/2 mile and cut the reps in half for all core work.