Swim like a SEAL

Swim like a SEAL

Workout for Monday 7th of May

For today's session, I want you guys to hit the water. It's going to be a tough session but should also be a fun one. Challenge someone to do it with you and see who can finish first! Were doing rounds for time so complete all of the rounds as fast as you can resting where need be. 

Swim 200m varying between freestyle, breaststroke and CSS (Combat sidestroke). Rest 1-2 minutes before you begin your workout.

5 Rounds for time: 
Swim 100m
20 Chest to Deck Push-ups
20 4-Count flutter-kicks

Rest 2-3 minutes then;

6 Rounds for time:
Swim 50m
10 Diamond Push-ups
30 Crunches

Swim Sprints = 800m (1000m including Warmup)
Pushups = 160
Flutterkicks = 100
Crunches = 180.