Workout for Monday 11th June

*CAUTION* There's a heart attack warning on today's session.

We're testing your cardiovascular endurance and getting that heart rate up right from the start. All you need for today is a running track/football field and a pull-up bar. I also recommend you perform a quick dynamic stretch routine before you get started

RUNNING: Make sure during the jogging portion you slow down and allow yourself to recover as much as possible so you can push hard when it comes time to sprint. For your sprint, however, try to maintain the same speed throughout instead of starting it off too fast and burning out.

Prepare yourself, because once you start running we won't be stopping!

Sprint 100m / Jog 100m (Repeat 5x) 1km
Sprint 200m / jog 200m (Repeat 4x) 1.6km
Sprint 400m / Jog 400m (Repeat 3x) 2.4km
Rest 5 minutes.

(Rest 1 minute between each exercise)
Push-ups x 3 mins
Pull-ups x 3 mins
Sit-ups x 3 mins

Push-ups x 2 mins
Pull-ups x 2 mins
Sit-ups x 2 mins

Push-ups x 1 min
Pull-ups x 1 min
Sit-ups x 1 min