Death By Burpees

Death By Burpees

Workout for Thursday 7th June

Today's workout is more of a quick but deadly challenge. Combining two of the most killer exercises, burpees & Pull-ups. Before you begin, make sure you have a suitable pull-up bar, and space to run.

To perform:
Start with a normal burpee but at the end instead of just jumping up into your next burpee, jump up and perform one pull-up. Straight after drop back down and perform the next burpee. Keep going until the required 50 are complete.

If you have to break before the reps are up, the punishment is a 200m Run ☠️ 

50 Burpee Pull-ups for time
**Every time you break run 200m (rest before getting back into it).

Note: When you break to do your run make sure you take enough time to rest before starting the burpee pull-ups again. If you jump straight into them, you may only get one rep before having to run again only further adding to the pain and time. Use your smarts for this workout.