Combat Swim

Combat Swim

Workout for Monday 17th December

Time to dive into the pool and smash out this workout. Before you begin make sure you complete the warm-up to help protect yourself against injury. For this swim session, we will be performing 5 rounds of 2 different circuits.

Begin with the first circuit, swimming 100m then jumping out to complete your push-ups and flutter kicks. Jump back in the pool and perform this whole thing through 4 more times before you take a break. 

Rest 3minutes then start the second circuit working through the exercises without rest until you have completed all 5 rounds. Record how long it takes you to get it done!

Swim 200m varying between freestyle, breaststroke and Combat side stroke.

CIRCUIT1: 5 rounds
Swim 100m
20 Push-ups
20 4-count flutter kicks

Rest 3 minutes once all rounds complete

CIRCUIT2: 5 rounds
Swim 50m
15 Diamond push-ups
30 Crunches