Workout For Monday 27th August

Today's session is all about using your bodyweight and testing your relative strength. All you will need is a sturdy bar or tree that you can hang from to perform pull-ups/chin-ups and a stopwatch. 

It’s a very quick but intense session as we're going for max reps to really test your stamina. Following the workout below, begin the required exercise. Perform as many reps as you can in 1 minute then rest for the next minute. Move on to the next exercise on its required minute. Eg, All odd minutes are work and all even minutes are rest.

Continue through all exercises until they are complete. This is a great one to test yourself on each month, just be sure to record your stats so you can beat them each time! 

For Max reps;
Min 1: Max diamond push-ups
Min 3: Max wide pull-ups
Min 5: Max regular push-ups
Min 7: Max med grip pull-ups
Min 9: Max wide push-ups
Min 11: Max close grip chin-ups