Have you ever wanted to run a marathon? Or feeling unmotivated and in need of a challenge?

In September Heroes and Horses are running a 3-day virtual marathon to help raise money and support for the incredible work they do for our veterans. 

"...it is struggle that gives our lives value and purpose. Not only that, but there is also something about SHARED struggle that brings people together, even under the most trying circumstances. Sometimes we need a reminder of how strong we are, and how capable we are of overcoming external challenges. "
-Heroes and Horses

At HTK we 100% agree with their statement and everything they stand for, so our team has decided to jump on board and take part in this marathon. If that speaks to you too, then we challenge you to join us and take part in this event.  

With everything negative that is going on around us at the moment, we can use this opportunity to focus on something positive.


A 3-day marathon running from 6th-8th September, the objective is for you to run/walk a marathon (26.2miles) in one or three days. At registration, you have the option to either sign up to run the entire distance in just 1 day or spread it over the 3 day period.

Their goal is to collectively raise $250,000 to support the work they do. Once you sign up to take part in the marathon, you can also choose to fundraise for your run and H&H will get you set up with your own account to do so.

To get started:

  1. Head to their website and register. (registration fees are $35)
  2. Create your fundraising account and join the FB group to connect with other runners. 
  3. Start training and prepare for your marathon! (check out our tips below)
  4. There are prizes for the 3 fastest runners and also for the top 3 fundraising accounts. 


"Our veterans don't need more help they need better help" - H&H

Heroes and horses is an organization that helps veterans transition back into civilian life. They inspire veterans to move beyond the difficulties they face after years of war and help them rediscover their purpose in life.

It's an intensive 40-day program that tests the limits of each member and teaches them leadership and survival as they work with the horses in the wild.

(If you or anyone you know is in need of this kind of help, then we highly recommend reaching out to this group to see if they can help you out.)


A marathon is not your average run. We are here with you doing this together and our goal is to support you as you train for the challenge. We have some tips to get you started below but throughout August we will also focus on putting out more advice on our blog and socials that will help you with your preparation.


We recommend using the free Strava App to record your runs leading up to and on the day of the marathon. The app is completely free, the 'free trial' they offer is only for the extra features so skip this if you don't want to pay for premium.

We have our own Hard To Kill Fitness club set up in Strava, you can join our club here.


To get you started, download our free running guide. This was originally designed for shorter distances, to customize it for the marathon follow these 2 tips:

1. Run only the 3 long distance sessions per week.
2. As an optional extra, add the sprint session each week to build your leg strength and power.

This will be optimal to build your base endurance for the marathon. Download the running guide here 


This is your opportunity to turn off the negative and turn on the positive as we join together to support our veterans. You might not even be able to run 2 miles now, but the point is to push your limits and challenge yourself. Your chance to change through challenge.

Register here https://www.heroesandhorses.org/2020-marathon