Workout for Friday 20th July

Make like a Viking, with today's session as we are really going to be torturing you. This workout is simple, but if you give it you're all I promise it will be one of the most painful workouts you will ever have to do! 

All you need to get it done is a Rowing Machine and your body. Nothing more.

In total, you will be Rowing for 5000m and be performing 210 Burpees, broken down into the workout below. There is no time limit on this but you should be aiming to complete it in less than 45 mins.

Give it your all and you truly will reap the results. 

The Workout:
Row 250m – 20 Burpees 
Row 250m – 19 burpees 
Row 250m – 18 burpees..
All the way down until you reach 1 burpee.