Swim and Tread

Swim and Tread

Workout for Monday 25th June

We’re taking it back to basics with this session, focusing on swimming and treading water. All you will need for this session is a pool ideally that is 25m – 50m length. Feel free to wear whatever choose in the pool just consider your difficulty level.

For your swimming, you can perform any or all of the three strokes, freestyle, breaststroke and combat sidestroke. It's only 30minutes of work so start your timer and get it done. 

Advanced: To make this more of a challenge, when you are treading water hold a 10-15lb plate to increase the intensity.

3 Rounds:
Swim – 5minutes
Tread water – 5minutes

Finish with a 500m swim and every time you reach the deep end of the pool, dive down and touch the bottom before surfacing and continuing your swim.