Sandbag Smoker

Sandbag Smoker

Workout for Monday 30th April

Today's session is a quick smoke session working on your core strength and muscular endurance. Blast through this as fast as possible with minimal breaks, if you can handle it! All you require is a Sandbag weighing between 40 – 65lb.
Read the following to fully grasp how to perform reps for each exercise. 

Shoulder to shoulder press
During the shoulder to shoulder press, you will have the sandbag resting on your left shoulder then push it overhead resting it on your right shoulder, then push it overhead again back to your left shoulder. That is one complete repetition.

Sandbag getups
When you are required to perform 10 reps that means 10 reps on your left side and 10 reps on your right side. You can choose if you do them alternating each rep or do all 10 on one side before switching. **The latter is easier as you don't have to switch the sandbag each rep. 

Shoulder to Shoulder Sandbag push press

Sandbag Get-ups