Workout for Monday 2nd July

For today's session, we will be testing your strength endurance as we put you through hell. If you have come in expecting a cakewalk, be prepared to leave humbled.

It is mainly self-explanatory so I’m not going to bore you with specifics. The only advice I will leave you with is be smart about how you perform your reps and when you rest. If you take yourself to the extreme on each set you will need a longer rest before you can go again. Focus on building up a rhythm.

For Example: Perform 5 reps, rest and take 5 deep breaths, perform another 5 reps and so on, until your 5 minutes are up.

Max reps in 5 minutes: Front Squats with 60% BW.
Rest 5 minutes.
Max reps in 5 minutes: Incline Bench Press with 60% BW.
Rest 3 Minutes.
Max reps in 5 Minutes: Bodyweight Wide Pull-ups.
Rest 2 Minutes.
Max reps in 5 Minutes: Bodyweight Dips.

Record all reps. Re-test monthly and compare your progress.