Do more push-ups and pull-ups with this fitness program. Add on to your current workout routine to build pushups and pullups. (2427171373116)
Push-up and Pull-up Improvement Plan - Hard to kill (2427171373116)
Push-up / Pull-up Plan
Push-up / Pull-up Plan
Push-up / Pull-up Plan

Push-up / Pull-up Plan

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Are you serious about massively improving your push-up and pull-up performance? Want to hit those Elite standards of 100+ push-ups and 20+ pull-ups before you know it?

Push-ups and Pull-ups are two of the most fundamental exercises for your training yet, so many struggles to even perform a few repetitions. With the right application, you can finally start seeing results and master these two foundation exercises.

"I have seen so many guys and girls who struggle to increase their count in these two vital exercises. That is why I came up with a proven formula to help break past these plateau's and no, that doesn't include you doing push-up and pull-ups all day long." -- Rory JT

An add-on to your current training this plan only consists of 3 x brief intense workouts for both push-ups and pull-ups lasting around 15-20 mins each. 

You will be performing a range of variations for both exercises to build your strength and conditioning in all movements.

 What's included

This plan is primarily built for Military and Law enforcement members or anyone who wants to improve at the basics. There are no trick exercises such as 360 muscle ups included, instead, the goal is to master the basics.
  • Dominate your testing days and perform the required numbers with ease.
  • Build upper body strength and muscular endurance.
  • Increase muscle mass on your chest, back, shoulders and upper arms.
  • 3x short 15-20min sessions per exercise.
  • Easy to follow schedule with tables to record your numbers for each workout.
  • Can be extended to 9 weeks by performing 2 sessions per week with the same great results.

The plan that has helped so many, like yourself, break through plateaus and start seeing the increases they deserve.
++PLUS: Bonus core workout guide to boost your core training and enhance your performance progress.

**NOTE This plan comes in a downloadable pdf format only. After your purchase, you will be linked to the download page.


  • Those beginning at any level, there are scaling options to help you progress.
  • Those looking to ACE their selection.
  • Anyone who just can't increase their strength in these exercises.
  • Those looking for a plan that won't take over their current training.


You are not alone on this journey, at HTK we have a tribe of brothers all on the same journey. 
  • Private FB group to connect with the rest of the tribe.
  • Customer only email address to answer any questions you have throughout.
  • 24/7 support from me and the rest of the team.

Customer Reviews

Based on 133 reviews
Michael Garcia
Push up and pull-up progress

This program is perfect!!!, I added this program after my regular morning weight lifting routine and I’m seeing great results in my fitness test scores

Goon Squad
Havent Started yet

I havent used the plan quite yet, However I do plan on it once I have more free time

Manuel Aragonez

Want to improve your upper body strength? This the plan to do it. And you don’t need any kind of weights.

Andrew Norris
Solid progress

Started week 3 of the program and my max regular push-ups have increased by 5 reps at this point. My overall max pull ups haven’t increased but my ability to hit the same number of reps in successive sets has improved. Overall musculature feels and looks noticeably better. Would recommend

Jason Brooks
Push Up Pull Up Improvement Plan

Awesome plan. Feeling strong