Lockdown Protocol (4478263361596)
Lockdown Protocol (4478263361596)

Lockdown Protocol [ZERO EQUIPMENT]

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HTK Lockdown protocol is now LIVE.
Many of us around the world are now locked down and left with limited equipment and space to get our training in. This isn’t the time to pack it in! 

Now is the perfect time to knuckle down, build a lean combat-ready body, increase confidence, lower stress and use your time productively.

The following program was designed to enhance your physique, strength, endurance, and mobility in a simple and approachable way. With a focus on hitting a high volume of repetitions daily through high-intensity intervals, circuits and AMRAP’s, you will be walking out of this lockdown stronger than ever.

This is a completely zero equipment training plan, that doesn't even require pull-up or dip bars. All you need is your body and mindset to take on the challenge.


What’s Included?

  • 4 Sessions per week that are 20-30 minutes each.
  • Progressive programming that gets harder over time.
  • Scaling options to make things harder / easier.
  • Build muscle density through high volume calisthenics.
  • Speed up your metabolism, resulting in increased fat loss.
  • ++ BONUS Nutrition and Supplement guide that uses simple everyday ingredients.

Who is this training ideal for

  • Those who want great results but are currently locked down.
  • Those of any fitness levels from beginning to advanced.
  • Those looking to boost their strength in body-weight exercises.



When training I find so many who struggle with knowing the right food to fuel their bodies with. That is why I have included my specific nutrition & supplement guide to work alongside your training.

A simple guideline of what your nutrition should look like, and the best supplements to make your training more effective.

  • Budget-friendly real food.
  • A detailed guide on how to work out your macros.
  • Sample meal ideas.
  • My top supplement recommendations.

Correct nutrition is key for optimal results.


You are not alone on this journey, at HTK we have a tribe of brothers all on the same journey.    

  • Private FB group to connect with the rest of the tribe.
  • Customer only email address to answer any questions you have throughout.
  • 24/7 support from me and the rest of the team.

Customer Reviews

Based on 209 reviews
Shane salthouse
Lockdown protocol

Absolutely loving the program, nice to have a change from heavy lifting but this is no joke. Good old fashioned hard work.

Brennan King

Definitely a challenging and rewarding program! I loved it!

Nick Patti
Great Program!

Great program was just what I was looking for.

Corbin Crouse
Great Workout

Great work out, was never much of an active person and wanted to get in better shape and this has definitly helped me as someone who knew nothing about working out and getting in better shape and is a good starter. The drive file itself is easy to read and straight forward.

Matthew Davis

This program is transforming my health and mental toughness. I perform better at work and I’m getting much stronger and harder to kill. Do this program, stick with it and overcome the obstacles in your life that are holding you back from being hard to kill. Stay hard!