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Look and Train like the world's Military Elite without leaving your home!

.. Welcome to Bodyweight Built.

Bodyweight Built was created so the world’s Military Elite could keep training in any condition without any fancy equipment. Eliminate all excuses with the same program that we are using to keep in warrior shape at home, in hotels, and any time you can’t access a gym.

We have included the bodyweight methods we recommend to increase lean muscle, strength, endurance, mobility and overall mental fortitude.

We all know it sometimes isn’t possible to access the gym in the Military, sometimes for weeks at a time. Deciding what to do in those weeks creates the difference between winners and losers.

Designed for medium to advanced levels, we are confident that this 8-week training program will be the most effective yet brutal training experience of your life to date.

If you want to;

  • Increase Lean muscle & Strength
  • Build a more mobile, flexible body & stay Injury-free
  • Develop resilience & mental fortitude
  • Take away all Excuses for not being able to train

All without needing any Equipment, then this program is right for you.


This program focuses on Bodyweight Density training utilizing a high frequency, high volume routine covering exercises common to the military and taking them to the next level.

The training is laid out in a way so you will be increasing your strength, power & endurance all in the one session.

We have utilized a high-frequency approach, hitting your full body each session as you can recover much faster from calisthenics training and we want to get the absolute most out of the 8 weeks of training. In the first weeks, you may feel sore and feel overtrained but keep at it and you will be conditioned to it in no time.

Your 8 weeks are split into 2 phases to keep your training progressing with you.

What's included

  • 5x Bodyweight training sessions per week (30-45 mins)
  • Longer LIC sessions to mobilize fat, improve your endurance & recovery ability. (20-40 mins)
  • Workout variety, conditioning options, and progressions so your workouts don't become repetitive.
  • Immediate program access

    ++ PLUS
  • Our updated Nutrition and supplement guide.
  • Members area access
  • HTK 8 Testing & HTK Mob mobility warmup.


    • Your Body
    • Somewhere to do Pull-ups (Optional)



    Why 8-weeks?

    It is the optimum time frame to help assure your adherence to the training and gives enough time to see your results.

    This plan can, of course, be repeated after taking a break for a couple of weeks for even better results

    What fitness level is this for?

    Medium to Advanced.


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 25 reviews
    Gatlin Nelson
    Saves a lot of time on WOD programming.

    I suck at WOD programming, so I got the bodyweight plan and plugged all the workouts into my Google Calender. Now I have 8 weeks of daily workouts that take out a lot of the decision making time I would normally use everyday. In all fairness, I use other workout plans in addition to HTK because I workout multiple times a day, but overall HTK's bodyweight built plan has definitely had a positive impact on my fitness journey.

    - Side note, when I'm done with the 8 weeks, I can move onto another plan from HTK for 8 weeks, and then I might come back to the bodyweight built with a weighted vest. This makes it easier for me to workout consistently and challenge myself while doing so.

    tyler ciccaglione

    Ive done a lot of body weight workouts never had one make me as sore as this one did its simple short loved it

    Luke Smith
    Great bodyweight programme

    I’m only half way through but absolutely loving this programme, this has been perfect for getting back into training after a back injury that had me sidelined for several months - I was not feeling motivated and struggling to get back into the swing of things, this programme has really kept me on track, easy to follow and good progression from week to week. Looking forward to smashing the next 4 weeks before getting back to the gym to start lifting again! Can always rely on HTK to deliver outstanding programmes!


    I’m a few weeks into the program and it’s a killer. I highly recommend

    Case Chambliss
    Worth every penny!

    If you have any doubt about this program, I'm here to say this is worth every penny. I've had a background primarily in Powerlifting and Bodybuilding and wanted to change things up. I've used HTK's Tactical Bodyweight Program before I joined the military and had tremendous success that helped launch me forward, and this program added on to it. Not only was it rough and challenging, but even more rewarding in every aspect. Increased strength, conditioning, muscle mass along with overall feeling of badassery. This also carried over very well to aiding in my performance in martial arts with faster and harder strikes and better conditioning. Whoever you are and whatever field, if you're looking for improvement in all aspects, this is it!