Below is the keyword that MUST be included in your photos. Write this down on a piece of paper and either hold it up or hang it on the wall behind you, as long as it is visible and not covering your body.


Take the before and after images in the same spot in the same way if possible so that its more effective.


To compete for the top prizes you must submit before and after photos.

These photos must meet the requirements below and will only be shared with your consent.

Before and After Photo Rules:

#1 No nudity in the photo which means no 🍆 pics. For males, bottoms must be worn. For Females, a top and bottom must be worn.

#2 The photos are best taken in front of a plain background. A light color wall with no decorations is preferred.

#3 The photo must be clear and well-lit to make it easier for us to judge. Ideally, get someone to take the photos for you for the best results.

#4 Must take at least 2 photos, 1 from the front and 1 from the back. A side view would also be helpful for your results!

#5 Knees and above must be visible in the photos.

#6 You must have the code visible in the photo but if holding, hold it out to your side so it doesn't cover any part of your body.

Note:Don't push your stomach out! We can tell if you are trying too hard.

**Use the images below as your example of how to take your photos**