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⚔️ The original Selection Prep program built for those who want to take their overall performance to the next level!

This tactical athlete training plan, has been designed to specifically focus on getting your physique and performance levels where they need to be. Created to help you succeed in your demanding job, day-to-day lifestyle, or landing that dream career.

Elite military members need their performance levels to be at a very high standard no matter the task. They may not be the biggest, strongest or fastest but they are the kings of all-around performance.

If you want to;

  • Develop functional strength and power
  • Build Muscular endurance
  • Increase your mental toughness
  • Improve Confidence & Self-Belief.

Then this program is right for you!

WARNING: NOT for the faint-hearted.


This 8-week program, will push your physical and mental limits. You will reach the standards of top-notch SF Operators, working 7x weeks both on your Strength & Conditioning to improve your overall "functional" performance.

You will be combining Strength training, Calisthenics, and the job-specific conditioning of running, rucking and swimming. All to help you progress and perform at your peak come game time!!

We provide all information, printable tables, and any customizations you may need. A workout is provided for each day of the week, with progressions for you to work your way through.

Beware. It is an intense workload. You will be training 7 days per week for close to the entire 8 weeks. With two slightly easier deload weeks during weeks 4 & 8.


What's included

  • A complete guide that will help you ACE your selection.
  • Performance-focused training.
  • A progressive guide that ramps up and also includes de-load weeks to help recovery and ensure maximum results.
  • 7x Days per week training with training ranging from 60-75+ minutes each**
  • 4x Lifting Days / 2x Running / 1x Swimming / 2x Rucking
  • Specific Nutrition & Supplement guide.
**Most sessions are between 60-75 minutes however rucking sessions, especially later in the program will reach 120-180 minutes.

  • Members area access
  • HTK 8 Testing & HTK Mob mobility warmup. 



These sessions will require,
  • Access to a commercial or garage gym (no fancy machines required)
  • Adjustable weighted vest / Webbing (5-22lbs)
  • Access to a swimming pool
  • Ab Wheel
  • Hyper-Extension bench or Exercise Ball.


1.) I don't need to perform swimming or rucking for my line of work, is this still for me?

 It is always good to have a base level of swimming ability and just to vary your endurance sessions while taking the stress off your joints. However you can always drop these sessions completely. Also replacements can be provided for other equipment you have available.

2.) I'm preparing for SOF selection, will this work for me?

This will get you into fighting shape and ready for any test the military will throw your way however for any very specific pipeline requirements, you should also be advised by your unit. We have numerous Veterans and Active duty guys in the HTK Nation group also which you will have access to.

3.) Is this plan designed to completely destroy me?

This plan is NOT for the faint-hearted but it isn't designed to completely break you down. We aim to stimulate not annihilate and focus on making progress each week. It is easy to tire someone out but to make progress week in, week out is what we are after.

4.) What if this doesn't work for me? If you stick to the schedule and go through the programming and for any reason, you aren't happy with the results you are achieving. Let us know and we will give you a 100% refund.

Customer Reviews

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Logan Freiermuth
Elite Operator

The program is awesome but I accidentally bought it twice, one by itself and then with the original bundle. Is it possible I can supplement the one I bought with a different program or get a refund? I sent an email the day I realized I had two of the same program but never got a response.

Brady Larson

Elite Operator (original)