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The original grinder PT style bodyweight program built to increase your muscle endurance, cardio and mental toughness.

This is a "zero-weights" training program that will help you build mental & physical endurance. You will learn how to master body-weight & endurance training and enhance your performance as an all-around athlete. 

This Tactical Body-weight Training Plan is designed to be easily performed anywhere, anytime with no need for any additional equipment.

If you want to;

  • Increase muscle mass and density.
  • Greatly improve your cardiovascular and muscular endurance.
  • Speed up your metabolism, resulting in increased fat loss.
  • Increase your mental toughness by pushing past your current boundaries.
  • Take away all Excuses for not being able to train.

 All without needing any Equipment, then this program is right for you.


Utilizing grinder PT style sessions inspired by the concrete-asphalt area at BUD/S, where the students do their calisthenics workouts.

You will be hitting a great volume of reps hitting every muscle in the body with a variety of exercises that are common to the military.

What's included

  • 5 levels of Bodyweight training
  • Varying schedules for beginner, intermediate & advanced
  • Military Specific endurance guide (run, ruck & swim)
  • Scaling and variations to suit
  • Immediate program access

    ++ PLUS
  • Members area access
  • HTK 8 Testing & HTK Mob mobility warmup.


    • Your Body
    • Somewhere to do Pull-ups

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Abhisek Mukherjee

    Love the bodyweight program so far. Started from Level 1, couple weeks ago. At this moment, i am at level 3. Although I havent seen any physical changes, i have seen changes in my overall performance. I would recommend others to try this program.
    However, the only negative thing i have felt so far is that the complete workouts take very long time to finish. For example level 3 without barely any rest, takes me about 75 minutes and I cannot afford 75 minutes every day.

    Oscar Cortez
    Basic but good

    Nothing like the basics. With a herniated disc lifting weights was not happening. This body weight workout plan is just what I needed to get me back in shape.