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The Operator bundle combines the two programs we recommend to complete in order to become an asset on & off the battlefield. Build your strength, endurance & mental fortitude in record time.


Created to help you become the most physically and mentally strong tactical athlete possible.

Elite Operator is designed to give you the complete framework needed taking all the guesswork out, so you have more time to focus on truly preparing yourself.

  • A complete guide that will help you ACE your selection.
  • Performance focused training.
  • A progressive guide that ramps up and also includes de-load weeks to help recovery and ensure maximum results.
  • 6x Days per week training with training ranging from 45-75+ minutes each**
  • 4x Lifting Days / 2x Running / 1x Swimming / 1x Rucking
  • Specific Nutrition & Supplement guide.

**Most sessions are between 45-75 minutes however rucking sessions especially later in the program will reach 120-180 minutes.

The right training created for and used by SOF, that helps them become battle ready.  Follow this plan to the bitter end and you will be confident in knowing you are prepared for success when the time comes for you to hit your selection course. Train everyday like its life or death!



Created so the world’s Military Elite could keep training in any condition without any fancy equipment.

This program focuses on Bodyweight Density training utilizing a high frequency, high volume routine covering exercises common to the military and taking them to the next level.

The training is laid out in a way so you will be increasing your strength, power & endurance all in the one session.

We have utilized a high-frequency approach, hitting your full body each session as you can recover much faster from calisthenics training and we want to get the absolute most out of the 8 weeks of training. In the first weeks, you may feel sore and feel overtrained but keep at it and you will be conditioned to it in no time.

Your 8 weeks are split into 2 phases to keep your training progressing with you.

What's included

  • 5x Bodyweight training sessions per week (30-45 mins)
  • Longer LIC sessions to mobilize fat, improve your endurance & recovery ability. (20-40 mins)
  • Workout variety, conditioning options, and progressions so your workouts don't become repetitive.
  • Immediate program access


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