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Want to hit those Elite standards of 100+ push-ups and 20+ pull-ups before you know it? Push-ups and Pull-ups are two of the most fundamental exercises for your training yet, so many struggle to even perform a few repetitions. 

With the right application, you can finally start seeing results and master these two foundation exercises.

An add-on to your current training this plan only consists of 3 x brief intense workouts for both push-ups and pull-ups lasting around 15-20 mins each. 

You will be performing a range of variations for both exercises to build your strength and conditioning in all movements. There are no trick exercises such as 360 muscle-ups included, instead, the goal is to master the basics.

  • Dominate your testing days and perform the required numbers with ease.
  • 3x short 15-20min sessions per exercise.
  • Increase muscle mass on your chest, back, shoulders and upper arms.
  • For beginning at any level, there are scaling options to help you progress.
  • Won't take over your current training and is used to help not hinder.


This plan has an easy to follow schedule, with tables to record your numbers for each workout. Track your numbers over the 4 weeks with a testing day at the end of the 6 weeks to see how far you have come. 

Scaling options included so you can continue to get great results for beginners and advanced.

BONUS Core workout guide. A strong core is the secret to helping you master these two bodyweight movements and this added guide gives you quick sessions to help strengthen these muscles. 

Add them onto the end of the push-up/pull-up sessions to speed up your results and also improve your all-round effectiveness on the battlefield.

    With this plan you will receive all of the below. All of our training plans are available at checkout immediately after purchase and come in an ebook format only. 
    • 6-week add on plan in pdf format no weight required
    • A printable table that lets you write down and track your workouts
    • Nutrition & Supplement guide
    • Access to 
    • 24/7 email access to get support from our team


    Get access to and support from over 300,000 athletes in the HTK community. Along with email support from our top trainers.

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