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"5 years ago I was 200lbs (first pic). Saw that number and went on a healthy diet to never be that weight again. Now I'm on week 10 of tactical monster. Sitting at 200 lbs again (last pic). I was sitting at ~190 lbs second pic and that was after the first  workout of tactical monster. Just want to say thank you 🤝 Feeling like a monster"

— Bradley, Tactical Monster

HTK Aggressive Shred Results


"Would like to just say thank you for putting this together. I have enjoyed it thoroughly. I missed my goal weight which was 20lb lost but darn close. Will continue to make progress it has helped kick start great things and helped with my back injury that I am still recovering from. Thank you all very much. Keep up the good work. So grateful to be apart of it."

— Michael, Aggressive Shred Challenge (2021)

Hard to Kill Fitness Challenge Results


"Start weight 267 pounds, now 241 pounds. I am also a HTK convert for life. I have had pro trainers in the past, and this program got me the best results OF MY LIFE. Thanks guys, I appreciate everything you have done for me by making this program available. Going after it with furious passion was up to me, and I think the results speak for themselves!"

— Trever, Operation HTK Challenge

Heavy deadlift
heavy deadlift

Best program I've used Lemme tell ya, Elite Operator is going to kick your ass. I tried the CIA program back in the day and what a difference. If you're looking for a solid program to make yourself a better you, this is it. Perfect for those who have basic experience and looking for that next big step. 10/10 would recommend. Don't cheat yourself, push your damn hardest, follow the program, and you're gonna see some great results. -Chris, Elite Operator

Chris - elite operator

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