"The program that was put together for me and the nutrition plan that was put together for me has definitely yielded results and has pushed me towards my goal a lot faster than I expected. I've been doing the workout plan for three weeks now and I look forward to it each day. The nutrition plan isn't that boring shit where it's "eat kale for five times a day and then sniff your own farts." it's actually really good and there is some good advice in there as far as how to change the diet up to prevent it from getting mundane."

 -Carlos Ramos 

{8 Week Personalized Tactical Training and Nutrition}


"My experience with the Hybrid program was amazing. As of lately I have been just doing a regular workout routine of weights with 5 sets of 5 for every interval. When you started implementing super-sets and Tabata circuits it really pushed me to my absolute limits..Great job with this program."

-Alexander Smith  

{7-day Hybrid Athlete Guide}


"It's awesome. I'm loving it. The workout plan is great but the nutritional plan took my workouts to the next level. I noticed a huge change and a lot of improvement. I'm killing it everyday. "

-Garrett Rich

{Personalized Tactical Training and Nutrition } 


Bad Ass 

The workout is good and exactly what I needed. I went and got a second opinion on it from a P.J. and he said that's exactly what I needed. 

-Joshua A

{Personalized Tactical Training and Nutrition}


Customer service is unparalleled. The program is great.

-Emmanuel M 

{8 Week Personalized Tactical Training}


I Love it

Very easy to follow, with great guidelines and non-expensive food, as well as I don't have to starve myself. The workouts are amazing I sweat more and more each time I workout

-David P

{8 Week Personalized Tactical Training and Nutrition}


Tactical Body-Weight Training plan.

Excellent program, easily understood and straight to the point.

-Jonathan C

{Body- Weight Plan}


Simple and straight to the point 

Having just started the Tactical Body- Weight workout I am feeling good. I like this routine because it is simple exercises, and you get what you put into it.

-Marcus S

{Body- Weight Plan}