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"5 years ago I was 200lbs (first pic). Saw that number and went on a healthy diet to never be that weight again. Now I'm on week 10 of tactical monster. Sitting at 200 lbs again (last pic). I was sitting at ~190 lbs second pic and that was after the first workout of tactical monster. Just want to say thank you 🀝 Feeling like a monster"

β€” Bradley, Tactical Monster

"Would like to just say thank you for putting this together. I have enjoyed it thoroughly. I missed my goal weight which was 20lb lost but darn close. Will continue to make progress it has helped kick start great things and helped with my back injury that I am still recovering from. Thank you all very much. Keep up the good work. So grateful to be apart of it."

β€” Michael, Aggressive Shred Challenge (2021)

Tactical monster V2 is another challenge that I encourage everyone who loves pushing their limits to try. I'm about to start week 3 and I go in the gym every day smiling knowing I'm about to give it my all and see just how far I've come from last week.

Hard to Kill fitness has been the main reason I've been able to get stronger, build quality muscle, and still maintain speed on the rugby field. If they catch you, you best be strong enough to fend them off!

-Cole, Tactical Monster V2

  • Perfectly structured

They way this program is structured allows you to push yourself to 100% maximum effort everyday without worrying about injury. Just enough recovery time day to day to keep you doing an insane amount of work each week.

-Ty, Elite Operator

I'm F***ing Dying!

Currently on Week 4 of the program and it is still killing me! And the pain is GOOD. It's the slow death of the lazier, weaker, and undisciplined version of me. Gonna do another 6-weeks once I finish, this time with a 20lb vest and working weights into the schedule. Thank you to the Team for creating such an effective regime. Cheers!


-James, Lockdown Protocol

Best program I've used
Lemme tell ya, Elite Operator is going to kick your ass. I tried the CIA program back in the day and what a difference. If you're looking for a solid program to make yourself a better you, this is it. Perfect for those who have basic experience and looking for that next big step. 10/10 would recommend. Don't cheat yourself, push your damn hardest, follow the program, and you're gonna see some great results.

-Chris, Elite Operator

Best HTK program so far
I have been an HTK follower since day 1. I have done almost every program they’ve produced to date. This is my favorite so far. The workouts are brutal. The programming schedule makes it a lot easier to do extracurricular fitness activities such as MMA, as you only have long gym days 3 days a week. The gym days will have you working hard for at least an hour and a half. The other days will be 20-30 minutes. Lots of room to customize and add more.


-Frank, Lean Machine V2

Could not expect a better approach for a program of this type. I already did the Gym program and it is awesome! I gotta say I discovered HTK on Instagram a while ago and they are just killing it !!


-Nico, Built Different [Home + Gym]

Built different home+gym
Bought this program because my workouts where getting old and wanted something new. The work outs are challenging and exactly what I was looking for! Looking forward in purchasing more programs after completing this one. Results have been great definitely recommend! As a first responder love how the program is designed!

-Diego, Built Different [Home + Gym]


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