The new Army Combat Fitness test is rolling out and it’s time to make sure you’re prepared to not only pass the standards but smash them!
Being able to run for miles and do push-ups until the sun comes up used to be the standard of whether a Soldier was combat-ready, but times have changed.  Now you must be a jack of all trades Strong, Fast, Powerful, Flexible and Coordinated. Its harder and more intense than ever before and no one is safe from it. 
Fear not, we created the perfect 6-week training plan broken up into three phases, that holds everything you need to know about the new standard and the proper steps to take to prepare for it.
Your first week will be a time for familiarization and baseline development;
this is going to be a reality check for where you currently stand.
Your accumulation weeks; lots of hard work that only gets harder.
You will be training to build your strong foundation in all 6 events.
Your final week will be spent dissipating all the accumulated fatigue and translating the newly developed strengths into a test-specific application
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