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Are you a young athlete wanting to maximize your performance and physique without having to use heavy weights or even needing a gym membership??

Aspiring warrior is an effective training plan that uses minimal equipment so you can workout anywhere, any time. This training uses purely your own bodyweight and one dumbbell or kettlebell yet still gives you an intense well-rounded workout.

Great for beginners or advanced the level of intensity goes off your own current fitness level and progresses from week to week.

Whether you are training to one day serve in the military/ law enforcement or training to stay on top of your game in your sport, this plan is for you and will help you stand out from your peers when the going gets tough. Get your performance and physique where it needs to be in just 8 weeks!!

“The mission was to create the perfect plan for young athletes aspiring to be part of something bigger than themselves. To help them prepare themselves for future excellence!" --Rory JT    


The Aspiring warrior plan has been designed to build your bodyweight strength and endurance while introducing a weighted implement to further increase the intensity.

  • 3 Circuit training sessions per week that are 40-60 minutes each to build your strength and muscular endurance.
  • 2-3 Endurance training sessions per week that are 20-45 minutes each to build your energy systems.
  • A wide variety of exercises to build your physique through all ranges.
  • Pre and Post testing days to keep track of your results.

**NOTE this program comes in a downloadable pdf format only. After your purchase, you will be linked to the download page



When training I find so many who struggle with knowing the right food to fuel their bodies with. That is why I have included my specific nutrition & supplement guide to work alongside your training.

A simple guideline of what your nutrition should look like, and the best supplements to make your training more effective.

  • Budget-friendly real food.
  • A detailed guide on how to work out your macros.
  • Sample meal ideas.
  • My top supplement recommendations.

Correct nutrition is key for optimal results.



  • Those of all training levels from beginner to advanced.
  • Young athletes who want great results without lifting heavy weights or the use of a gym.
  • Athletes preparing for team sports.
  • People preparing for service (Basic training, Police academy)



  • Somewhere to do pull-ups/dips. Can be as simple as a doorway attachment for pull-ups and a chair for dips.
  • A single Dumbbell or Kettlebell. Recommended weights as follows.
    Male: Age 13-14: 10-12kg / Age 15-17+: 16-20kg.
    Female: Age 13-14: 6-8kg / Age 15-17+: 10-12kg.



You are not alone on this journey, at HTK we have a tribe of brothers all on the same journey. 

  • Private FB group to connect with the rest of the tribe.
  • Customer only email address to answer any questions you have throughout.
  • 24/7 support from me and the rest of the team.

Customer Reviews

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Review for Aspiring Warrior

This program is really great! It’s really a butt kicker especially if all you do is lift weights and do little cardio lol. I would definitely keep purchasing programs from HTK!


I mainly bought this for my little brother, but we started and followed the plan together! It’s fun and accomplishable!


Absolutely freaking awesome!! It's a great program. And just now on the 3rd week and I'm already seeing progress!!