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Are you ready to increase your strength and stamina, build lean muscle and burn fat, all without stepping foot in a gym?

A 'zero weight's' training plan that will help build mental resilience and have you leaving your peers in the dust when the going gets tough. You will learn how to master body-weight & calisthenics training and enhance your performance as a tactical athlete.

Using a specific three-phase training structure for each workout, this plan combines specific body-weight exercises in the right way that will get you seeing results, fast.

Designed to be either used as a stand-alone training schedule or to be added to your current training plan at times when you are without a gym, this is for those who are wanting to master body-weight work and overall conditioning.

" I find Body-weight work is often neglected and not given the attention it deserves but is an essential part of any tactical athletes training. Functional fitness that helps increase your strength, stamina, and mobility is the solid foundation every operator needs".

 What's included

This is NOT your average body-weight plan.

To keep you motivated and striving for progression throughout, I have laid your training out into a game style format. As you progress throughout the weeks you will reach certain roadblocks where you are required to test yourself before progressing. 

Fail this test, and you will be sent back to redo that level.

  • A progressive schedule which changes to build you up over time.  
  • 3 Bodyweight training sessions per week that are 25-45 minutes each.
  • 3 Levels you must pass to complete the training.
  • Scaling options to make things easier / harder.
  • Greatly improve your cardiovascular and muscular endurance.
  • Speed up your metabolism, resulting in increased fat loss.
  • Added endurance guide, particularly focused on job-specific sessions of running rucking and swimming
  • Added Nutrition and Supplement guide.

Challenge yourself and see how quickly you can make it all the way through to the final level.

**NOTE this program comes in a downloadable pdf format only. After your purchase, you will be linked to the download page.


  • Those of any fitness levels from beginning to advanced
  • Those who want great results but have no access to a gym
  • Those looking to boost their strength in body-weight exercises
  • Those ready for a ready for a REAL challenge (this is no walk in the park) 



When training I find so many who struggle with knowing the right food to fuel their bodies with. That is why I have included my specific nutrition & supplement guide to work alongside your training.
A simple guideline of what your nutrition should look like, and the best supplements to make your training more effective.

  • Budget-friendly real food 
  • A detailed guide on how to work out your macros 
  • Sample meal ideas 
  • My top supplement recommendations 

Correct nutrition is key for optimal results.


You are not alone on this journey, at HTK we have a tribe of brothers all on the same journey. 

  • Private FB group to connect with the rest of the tribe.
  • Customer only email address to answer any questions you have throughout.
  • 24/7 support from me and the rest of the team.


Customer Reviews

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2 weeks in and I can see and feel the difference


Tactical Bodyweight

Tactical bodyweight

Just what I have been looking for I can do my workouts at the park or at home just about anywhere

Positives and negatives

The plan is great it is build well and has a nice structure. You can do almost everything at home. One downside is if you don't have parallel bars or a pull up bar you have to go on the move to be able to do them.

Holy Fuck

7 years active duty doing Airborne things + 3 more years of National Guard. I just got a full time guard position as part of the Michigan Counter Drug program. Best job I ever had.
Long Story short wear & tear over the years fucked me up. I ignored and handled a lot of pain and discomfort because that’s what we were taught. “Suck it up butter up” two hairline fractures a pinched nerve and arthritis later, and I was put on a deadman profile. Fast forward through all the pt and recovery and I was cleared to start doing body weight training only. So here I am. Today is Day 3 of week two. I haven’t been doing the program for very long but I am hooked. I still have a long road ahead of me but I will be hard to kill again.

Can’t wait to get cleared for weights so I can get on the tactical monster program.