Workout for Monday October 14th   Here’s a quick session that you can do either at home or as a team workout! All you will need is a stopwatch and somewhere to do pull-ups. To really make the most of this session try mixing it up with variations of the below exercises.  For example: Start with diamond push-ups then when you can’t do anymore switch to regular or wide push-ups. For the pull-ups, start with wide overhand pulls then once failure hits move into underhand close chin-ups. For the lunges, start with lunge jumps if you dare! WORKOUT : 5...



Workout for Monday September 30th Grab a Kettlebell and some space and let’s get to work! For today’s session you will need a KB weighing between 35-53 lbs (16-24 kgs) and a solid bar or TRX attachment to use for bodyweight rows. Start with the first exercise and perform 50 Goblet squats, then immediately move onto 50 swings, and finally 50 Inverted rows. Once you have completed that, drop the number to 40 and repeat. All the way down until 10 reps of each exercise.  Don’t rest until you have completed all sets. WORKOUT: 50-40-30-20-10 Goblet Squats @ 53 lb KBKB...